In a nutshell, I have been targeted, stalked, and harassed by the police for 30 years. I have attempted to report this to the District Attorney with no success. On my last attempt, I went to the courthouse determined to file my complaint. A S.W.A.T. team was dispatched.

I have contacted the FBI to file criminal complaints against the district attorney. If that fails, the next step is to tell my complaints to the president.

Beginning in 1983 when I turned 17, I have been consistently and indecently targeted, stalked and bullied by the police.

I don't know why I have been targeted. Maybe I had Asperger Syndrome when I was 17, even if I didn't know about Asperger Syndrome at that time.

The police don't have to know about Asperger Syndrome to target me. All they know is that I am different and stand out from the crowed.

None of that matters anymore. After being targeted by the police for 30 years, I have PTSD.

When confronted by a cop, I am in flight or fight mode. I have the body language of an abused animal.

Cops are vicious animals that are out for blood. They see my body language and they take advantage of that.

I have not been believed. I am supposed to report this to the Department of Justice. The Department of Justice is supposed to take this seriously and investigate this.

Before I wrote this letter, I phoned the FBI to talk about manslaughter. Police being the criminals. The victims being developmentally challenged. One person changed the subject. Other people just hang up on me.

Letter to the FBI

I have a legitimate complaint about manslaughter. The guilty parties are the police and all of the higher up officials above the police.

I apparently started out having Asperger Syndrome. I reached the age of 17 in 1983. That's when the police targeting began.

It has been impossible to report police targeting especially if I have Asperger Syndrome. I am not being believed, and I am being treated like a child when I try to report this police targeting.

30 years has past. The police targeting never stopped. Now I am saying that my mental condition is the result of being psychologically traumatized by the police bullying.

There is no place to complain to. Nobody takes me seriously. This is a hopeless situation.

This is a situation that will drive people like me into committing suicide. That is manslaughter. There is no statute of limitations for manslaughter.

I'm the sane one. All of you are psychotic.

Complaining to attorney generals is not sufficient in an emergency situation. In the moment I am being targeted by the police, I have to have an appropriate emergency contact to report the police when it is the exact moment when they are stalking me.

I have been stalked and targeted by the police for 30 years. No one believes this is happening to me. I need help to stop this.

A letter to the FBI

I have been stalked and targeted by the police for 30 years. WHY? TELL ME WHY! I already know why. There is only one answer to this. I am not the one who's insane here.

What the fuck is this?
Why do police target people with aspergers?

Who the fuck is in charge that this fucking shit continues to happen?

I was stalked by the Salisbury police on 16 March 2013. I dialed 911 at the moment it was happening so I can document that this happened. The person who answered the 911 told me to tell the district attorney. I tried to tell the district attorney and he stonewalls me. I reported the district attorney to the FBI. And now after this latest incident, I have to do it again.

James B. Martin, the District Attorney of Lehigh County in Pennsylvania.

What the fuck is going on with the fucking patriot act? Are you getting a lot of Autistics? Are you coming to a fucked up conclusion that Autistics are the segment of the population most likely to commit a crime?

Autistics are odd. For a long time Autistics have shown up on the radar as red flags simply because they are odd.

And now with this fucking patriot act it becomes open season to persecute and spy on the odd people in society.

It is the Autistic people who get trapped in your fucked up crap.

I've been fucked with for too fucking long. For 30 years, police have fucked with me. I am holding the people at the top in charge criminally responsible for all of the fucking crimes committed against me.

No sane and intelligent person can figure out what is going on in your fucking heads. You cannot negotiate with terrorists. The only thing to say to you is to FUCK OFF!

Do you really think I am insane for writing this letter? Are you going to put on an act like I'm the one insane? I have been stalked by the fucking police for 30 fucking years. WHY? Answer the fucking question!


There is no clear and concise agency to go to complain about police targeting. It is a very difficult process because you have to prove it. They say that as if they would accept proof. They just don't. And the testimony of developmentally challenged adults is disregarded. Police target developmentally challenged adults. They lie and bring up false charges. The police make up lies and they don't have to provide any proof.

Developmentally challenged adults are treated like children who have limited rights. I need to clarify this. Developmentally challenged adults today are treated the same way that children 100 years ago were treated. When police encounter adults who appear to have the mental development of a child, the police are relentless in bullying that person.

When a child is raped, they are not told to have to prove it. It is taken seriously and it is investigated.

This is what needs to happen when I have to report police targeting.

Police have treated me like a child. They don't take me seriously when I have to report a crime. They target me and they know they can get away with it because they know I am not believed and taken seriously when I try to report police targeting.

I am not even being treated like a child today with the rights they have today. I am being treated like a child with the very limited rights they had a hundred years ago.

The difference between 2013 and 1913 is that children have specific rights today that they did not have in 1913. Developmentally challenged adults today are being treated the same way children were treated in 1913. This situation cannot change until there are specific laws that will give developmentally challenged adults their rights.

I appear as someone who's emotional maturity has not developed. I wonder who really is developed. I think people become more insane as they age.

I read an article about Steven Simpson, an Autistic teen.

In this article, I read this quote to describe him. "vulnerable and an easy target"

Police have seen me as a child and they treat me as a child.

I don't believe police have any morals to not bully children. The ONLY thing that is stopping police from bullying children is only because it is illegal, and whatever sane protective parents would make criminal complaints and sue in civil lawsuits.

Police have not just treated me as a child. They have bullied me and violated my rights.

There is a 30 year pattern of police treating me like a child.

I may have had Asperger syndrome to begin with. Police don't have to know shit about Asperger Syndrome. All they have to see is the characteristics of a person who is different that they can persecute. There is no place for me to go to to complain about it. And even if there even was a place to submit my complaint, no one fucking believes me.

30 years later I have taken this shit. At some point it stops being about Asperger Syndrome. Now I am someone who has been traumatized by the police fucking terrorizing me.