I found article about deafblindness that looked interesting because it talked about how the brain rewires itself to compensate for lost senses.

I am not blind or deaf, but I observe the world in a different way. My brain is wired in a different way. Whatever strengths I may lack, my brain rewiring compensates with developing unusual strengths.

I have Asperger Syndrome. There has long been an existing problem that Autistics are bullied and are denied their civil rights. And now after the shooting in Newtown, I fear that the bullying is going to get worse.

Autistics have the potential of being bullied by the police and the government, and denied the same equal protection of their civil rights that so called normal people receive.

I was born in the United States. I want to know if people who are open about declaring they are Autistic are allowed to enter the United States for a visit, and if they are allowed to become citizens. If that isn't happening then that could explain the way I am treated having been born here.

Autistic children are commonly given ABA which is a behavioral therapy. I speak and write and I talk about civil rights. The typical Autism organizations are run by Non Autistic people who ignore the civil rights of Autistic people. I speak and I am being ignored. Autistic people who don't speak at all must be communicating in some way. If I am being ignored, then it has to be a certainty that they are being ignored. They have to be very frustrated because no one is listening to them. Instead of ABA behavior specialists, there has to be communication specialists that will listen to them.

It is abusive to label Autistics as only having disabilities while ignoring their rewired abilities. It is abusive to ignore them even when a lot of them in fact talk perfectly clearly. It is abusive to ignore their civil rights.

My website is http://uncommongenius.org/

I need help getting this message out.