I am completely self aware about how frequently people think I am weird. And even though I don't give a shit what people think, my entire life has been a fucking hell. I am tired of being oppressed by people just because I think differently from them. Why is it that rare materials are valued, but rare humans are treated as low life sub human second class citizens? I hate this fucking planet. The scenery is nice, but the inhabitants are hostile and barbaric. I'm relentlessly bullied by society. Humans are like wild animals that I am afraid of. I want people who don't understand me to just leave me alone.

I always knew I was very different. I am the type of person that has to ask "why" about everything. Being so different, I have been targeted and stalked by the police. Before I figured out what is happening, the only conclusion I could make is that the police were out to get me specifically.

Around the time of September 1999 I discovered the term that comes the closest to describing me. I read about "Aspergers Syndrome", and it seemed that this described me better than anything else I was aware of.

Armed with a possible name of what I could be, I was able to find other Autistics on the internet. I found a few real world support groups where there are other Autistic/Aspergers adults, I could relate to.

I thought my life would get easier after I discovered Aspergers Syndrome. All of my life I have been different from the majority. I think different from the majority. The majority doesn't understand how I think. The majority doesn't accept how I think. The majority may be as afraid of me as I am of them. The majority bullies what they are afraid of and don't understand.

I get treated like crap from people after just being observed and they know nothing about me. My only crime I have done to get treated this way is that I am nothing like them. When people observe me and see how odd I am, it can be useless to attempt to clarify things by saying "Autistic", or "Aspergers."

Now I've noticed how much of a label Autism really is. It becomes a label when people have heard of the term, and lack any clear understanding of what it is. People are brainwashed into accepting a skewed up definition of Autism. Autism is frequently being defined as a brain disorder. I am not the same as the majority. I am not defective just because I don't fit into the majority. My brain is differently wired. The majority doesn't understand me. I don't understand the majority. People think I'm weird? Well I think they are weird. I should not have to be bullied by the majority just because I don't fit into the majority. I am not defective just because I am part of a small minority that is not the same as the majority. I am part of a minority that has to demand their civil rights.

Humans speak using ambiguous terms. People who use ambiguous terms are thinking a completely different meaning than what their words are literally saying.

When I speak, I mean exactly what my words are literally saying. No matter as clearly as I speak, people don't understand me because people interpret my words as a skewed up twisted, up definition, and they don't expect that I am saying exactly what I am saying. Or people hate the fact that I speak so directly that they take offense to it thinking I am attacking them.

I am tired of the way I am treated by people when they observe my unusual personality. I am differently wired. I don't have to be fucking normal. I just want people to fuck off.

It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. - Mark Twain

How do you reverse brainwashing? People are programmed into a stilted understanding of Autism. There are a lot of civil rights problems that have to be solved. This is the last frontier of civil rights.